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What is the quality of hinge screws?

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Screw length difference? Is the longer the screw, the better? This is wrong. As long as the length of the screw is appropriate, for example, adjusting the screw. Even if you use a 15cm long screw, you can't use it. Because if you adjust too much, there will be seams, which will affect the ornamental quality and grade of furniture and kitchen cabinets. This is not advisable.hinge screw

Many hinge screws on the market have only two and a half turns of engagement, which is a fatal structural error. The occurrence rate of sliding teeth is very high. You must pay attention not to buy this product. Hinge screw is necessary to adapt to many factors such as kitchen humidity, oil smoke, etc. Its quality is essential for the normal use and life of the cabinet. The hinge screws need to be tested. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the sliding table with low quality will be difficult to push and pull even if it feels good in a short time. For any product, especially large products, after-sales service is very important. Customers must ask about product warranty and other issues when ordering cabinets.

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